Friday, June 1, 2012

Winter is here....

May is finished and I am sort of glad that it's over.

I was so excited to participate in MMM but the realization has been that there is a massive hole in my wardrobe, a big cold weather chasm. For me a MM in any of the summer months would have been better. I had more rpeats than I pledged but I still wore something me made for 30 days straight. there will be more challenges and I will think a little harder before I commit.

Where does the time go? I have been busy sewing for others and sewing cushions and aprons. Working in a  production line style would probably be more efficient time wise but I can't do it. I make each item individually. I work slowly and methodically as I hate unpicking and redoing. I get such a great feeling of achievement when an item comes together.

Maybe next week will be a little less frantic. Either way I am going to make time to catch up with friends and get through some of the books and mags that I borrowed form the library.

It's a Friday night, pretty cold for the first day of Winter and it's raining. Those big fat drops of rain that make  that pitter patter sound on the roof - lovely.

It is the perfect night   to read  and I going to sink into a book that I just started today "This Beautiful Life", by Helen Schulman.  I have read about a dozen pages and right now I am hooked.

So, goodnight and sweet dreams....

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