Friday, May 25, 2012

Week Four....

There's five days to go until the end of
May, not that I am counting of course.....

This week I have had a few repeats, more than I originally anticipated. Never the less, everyday I have worn something Made by Me.

There is a  definite black and white theme in my wardrobe. Black and white and spots. That's fine, I am happy to go with the flow as it all goes together and adding to what I previously stated "You can't beat a good spot  - or black and white.!"

 No clothes sewing has been happening this week. I've been continuing with aprons and cushions. Whilst I haven't made any wearable art my family are all being very creative in their own individual ways.

Number one son Jack is currently writing two plays to enter into the QLD Theater Company's Young Writer's Program. he is v busy tap, tap tapping on his laptop. I can't wait to do the proof read.

Liam, number two son, is continuing his guitar lessons and loving it. His practice is regular and whilst he wants an electric guitar, I really like the sound of an acoustic. Currently he is learning "Wonderwall" which I love and I  have that tune stuck firmly in my head.

Luke is baking. He is experimenting  for our market stall, what will work, what won't. He is quite good at it but not so good at the cleaning up part! Choc Chip Cookies  have been popular at home and away so I think they will be on the list.

That leaves my husband Bruce who is being very creative in our out door room, the garden. We have heaps of passionfruit, the lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes are thriving and he has just planted some rhubarb, baby spinach and corn. Yum.

Bruce also did a great job designing me a Mixed Bag of Threads logo and the boys helped me create a FB page.

If you have time, please pop on over and "like" me on FB.

 This photo is pf a local property being developed. It makes me laugh every time I go past. It  makes me wonder "What came first, the fence or the gate?"

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