Saturday, June 30, 2012

New shoes

I  never knew new red shoes would make me so happy!

Bruce and I have both been battling the dreaded flu this week, in fact, I feel I've lost the whole week.

I have never bought shoes online before and I bought these clogs online from the UK 2 weeks ago. It was a stressful exercise , it's the sizing that caused the most frustration. My European Birkenstocks are size 37 but a few other pairs that are labeled with EU, UK and US size say  EU 38, UK 6. I did a few comparisons with other size charts and of course they were all different. In the end I went for size EU 38 and hoped for the best.
 After spending a few days trying to avoid my flu ridden husband I started to feel the tingly throat and muscle ache. Anyway a package arrived on my doorstep, 5 days early, it was my clogs and YAY they fit!

I have been searching for red shoes all winter but they are not the vogue for the Aussie winter this year so I was very happy to find them online. Not that they are really a winter shoes but that is beside the point.

The best bits are that they fit and made me feel so happy when they arrived. Now I just have to find the energy to hem my red cord skirt that I made BF (that's before flu.)

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