Thursday, June 7, 2012




Noun:   A thing that is considered worthless or meaningless.


There has been a Council Cleanup,  that means people put out their unwanted items onto the kerbside and the Council will collect them and dispose of the garbage.

I love council cleanups and I firmly believe that "one man's trash is another man's treasure" and much  to my families horror I have rescued some great things from throw out piles. Sometimes my family are definitely lacking imagination. If they can't Google it or find it on a Wiki they don't want to know about it!
Red paint, imitation bird= new garden accessory

Anyway giving a  preloved item a new lease of life and a brand new home is a community service, it's both reuseing and recycling.

Currently I am reading a fabulous book "Alabama Stitch Book" by Natalie Chanin.

In her book she writes about how during the American Depression people reused everything. No one had a bin. They didn't throw out anything, just about everything was reused or recycled.  Today we are a "throw away" society.  I want to move away from throw away.

Spike's new Casa.

This weekend is a long weekend, so I will make time to cleanup all my treasure, toast marshmallows around Luke's soon to be "mobile brazier" and best of all celebrate with my family Jack's 15th Birthday!!!

A wash and re gluing the trim on the front leg VOILA!

I have the perfect spot for this mirror.



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