Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Winter at the beach.

Only in QLD would you plan a day trip to the beach in winter!

Last Sunday the five of us piled into Bruce's 4WD ute and  headed off to catch the 9am ferry to Stradbroke Island.  Whilst 9am sounds quite civilized, or us it means getting up at 6am on a Sunday morning.

After a week of  glorious sunny days and reasonable temps of 23 to 24, we hoped for the best. We didn't get a sunny day nor the 23 degrees but we still had a fabulous day.

An overcast winters day puts a whole new perspective on the beach. The wind was strong but not sand "whipping" strong  and it was very fresh but not really cold.

Liam and Luke spent ages exploring the rocks and rockpools, climbing up dunes and racing down.

We had lunch at Pt Lookout where we saw 3 pods of whales. That was such an amazing sight.


We did some beach driving and that was heaps of fun too. I am not really a fan of  4WD driving but with 4 boys, well I just have to go with the flow. Surprisingly though driving on a beach that just goes for miles  and miles is a good feeling - it made me feel free.

Ha, ha we got bogged exiting the beach so we all chipped in and pushed the ute to freedom.

We got the late ferry home and were all exhausted.

 It was a great day.

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