Saturday, August 10, 2013

IN THE MIDDLE and a little more....

"In the middle, in the middle, in the middle of a dream" -  Paul Kelly \ 


Well I am not in the middle of a dream but a little past the middle of the year. 
I have been AWOL from my Blog for awhile, same excuse as always, the day, weeks, months are just rolling past and that brings us past the start of a new month. AUGUST!

I thought it timely to revisit my new years to do list and to see what has come to fruition, what has, what  hasn't and what's in progress.

Learn Spanish, - No sucede,  -  (not happening)

Spend less and live simply-  YES whenever possible 

Be happy and have fun - YES, yes, yes doing it!
Less wine, sugar and wheat-  more Bollinger - NO not happening
Attend a fortnightly Yoga class-   NO not happening
Cook something new every 2 weeks  - YES mostly
Sew more - YES whenever I can
Garden more - YEs doing it.

Market more - NO not happening 
See a film monthly - NO, where are my months going?
Have a murder -NO, still planning
Learn to Astral travel - for virtual holidays.- NO haven't left the country ...yet.
Hmm, 5/12. less than half but not bad, time for chocolate. 
Please leave a comment about your 2013 goals.



  1. Oh thank you so much for the laugh this morning! I giggled at the "Have a murder" and "Learn to Astral travel"! :D When you succeed at the travel, please share how it's done. I'm sick to death of long road trips haha!

  2. Thanks Lynette, I agree, I hate road trips too! I will share my Astral travel technique and trips when I can actually get out my lounge room!