Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I have been sewing, I just haven't posted for a while. I was inspired by the Colette Laurel competition and all the images on Flckr  http://www.flickr.com/photos/94393713@N08/8626672018/

Colette pattern

I bought the laurel pattern online and downloaded it. I quite like getting this way, it's pretty much instant and it's like putting a jig saw puzzle together, just easier as the pages are numbered. Once together I resisted cutting it and traced the pattern. That's a good thing too as I still have a hard copy to retrace and tweak as many times as I want.


Having never been a fan of the colour orange I was surprised when I fell in love with this Amy Butler fabric.

Laurel was a very easy pattern, I know it's like all my other A-line dress patterns just with sleeves. The Collette pattern was lovely to use, the instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Colette has a tutorial for just about everything if you need to clarify something. Whilst I have done it several times, sometimes I just can't visualize "under stitching." I use Colette's tutorial to refresh my memory.

I made the size 10 and had to take it in significantly and will try a muslin for the size 8 though that sounds to small. I had trouble with the invisible zip, even using a zipper foot. With this style of dress I can just slip it over my head so  am better off not even bothering with a zip.

My second version is in a grey linen. a friend suggested the contrasting cuffs and I am so glad I took that advice.

Do I recommend this pattern? Yes, definitely.
Would I make it again?  Yes, yes. yes. Sleeveless for summer and maybe in a light wool for winter.

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