Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My biggest lament in life right now is that not enough people smile, laugh or hug (and I can't find quality striped cotton/jersey, but that's another post).

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Recently I saw the World press photos on display at the powerhouse Brisbane. What can I say, they were award winning news photos, graphic and confronting. Not one photo was celebratory or happy. Joy and happiness don't win awards.

The sport photos didn't show triumph, it was sumo wrestlers grimacing and the gymnasts didn't look comfortable or happy in the positions that they were in.
Yes, there is a lot of tragedy and heartache in our lives and in the world but to share a smile and a laugh is good for the soul.
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 In the Adelaide Hills region the common form of greeting is a hug.
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There is an art to the "Hills Hug" and just to make sure I perfect it, I better visit again...soon.
The two mantras of my daily life are:
"Smile  more, laugh more, hug more." and ....
"Life's short, buy the shoes."

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