Sunday, December 9, 2012



Can you believe it, approx 12 hours before we were due to depart to Bali, Jack informed me had a sore back.

Jack had been saying for a few days that he had a sore throat but I was ignoring him and hoping it would pass, jack always seems to have a sore throat. Anyway I had a look at his back and horror it was covered in red welts and that was just the beginning.

Off we raced to the Dr who diagnosed an allergic reaction, high temp and a very swollen, red throat. The Dr also advised that unless he was much better inthe next 10 hrs or so and could equalise his ears, he was not to fly.

10 hrs later, he was worse. Bruce and I went into risk management mode and it was decided that it would work best if I travelled with Luke and Liam and Bruce stayed home with Jack.

Well that's how we rolled but the whole dynamic changed.

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Orchids were everywhere

Balinese Florist

beautiful tropical flowers

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2 minutes down this lane to...
The Yellow Flower Cafe
Yellow flowers

There were offerings to the Gods everywhere.

Jack was diagnosed with "Strep Throat' and was really sick for a week. Fortuneatley the travel insurance  will cover Bruce and Jack's ticket.

Bali is beautiful, lush and verdant. It was hot n steamy, like being in a sauna 24/7 but I love it. the boys took a while to get used to it and spent a lot of time in the pool.

It is very cheap to be in Bali, $5 will buy you a feast though there are expensive restaurants abround as well. Western food is avaiable and while it's Western Food in the East it's pretty good.

I can't wait to go back, next time with my whole family.

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