Monday, December 17, 2012



Bali, in fact all  Indonesia is known for it's beautiful Batik and different styles are found in different areas. 

Batik shopping with two grumbling almost teenagers was not my original plan but I had to accept the reality.

It was hot and I mean hot and humid and when there is shop after shop stacked with fabric it can be a little, no rephrase, very overwhelming. Haggling is also expected everywhere in Bali , the exception being restaurants and once you have engaged in haggling you won't stop it. 

I have also realised that whilst I both love and covet beautiful fabric I am not a fabric hoarder. I can't shop for material if I don't have a vision in mind of what I want to make or if I can't "see" the fabric in something.

Anyway to cut a long story short my batik buying trip was successful and I settled on several pieces of batik from traditional to contemporary, painted to stamped.


Our Driver "Blue" was great, he pointed in the right direction to a reputable batik dealer and then to Ubud market.  the quality varies enormously so without a lot of homework or advice there is a fine line between being ripped off and getting a bargain. 

My pieces ranged between $5 and $20 for 2 meters. I am very happy with that.  

I do have ideas for each piece ranging from dresses to bags and beyond. To be posted soon....

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