Monday, December 31, 2012


       2013 is here so it's out with the old and in with the new!

                                 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

2012 has been good to us. We all had a good year with no major disasters or problems and we are looking forward to 2013.
 Bruce is starting a new job mid January so his resolution is to do a good job.
At the end of January Luke will be starting a new school and his resolution is to improve his grades. It will be an exciting and challenging time for them both .
Jack resolves to learn something new, maybe a language, a skill or a sport. Liam doesn't have a resolution, well not one that he telling us anyway.
I have both resolutions and goals for 2013. My two resolutions are  to:
 Be mindfull everyday in every way and practice daily meditation and Yoga
Live, love, laugh and have fun with family and friends 
My goals are many, I think they are doable and in no specific order they are:
Learn Spanish,
Spend less and live simply
Be happy and have fun 
Less wine, sugar and wheat-  more Bollinger
Attend a fortnightly Yoga class
Cook something new every 2 weeks
Sew more
Garden more
Market more
See a film monthly
Have a murder
Learn to Astral travel - for virtual holidays.
That's probably enough for 12 months and I will revist this post in June to see how my goals are progressing.

Carribean NYE Party 2012/13. Bruce, me and Jack



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