Sunday, November 25, 2012


Holiday Celebrate
Holiday Celebrate


If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice..... 


Thanks Madonna,  a holiday is just what we need and it's almost time to head to beautiful Bali, specifically the artistic and cultural hub of Ubud.

Image courtesy Lonely Planet

Ubud, is located  in central Bali and is far removed from the drunken bikini scene of  the beachside Kuta area. We thought it would be nice to head to the hills as we are so spoilt with beautiful beaches  here in QLD.

My sons won't mind, as long WiFi is available, (LOL where isn't it these days?), they will be happy. I have checked the weather forecast and it will be a steamy 32 degrees most days and a balmy 24 in the evenings. Some rain is forecast but we are traveling before the wet season and I believe that when it rains in Ubud,in the wet season,  it really rains.  

As we are away for 10 days we will travel with carry on baggage, that's 7 kilos per person. In my opinion travelling light with carry on baggage is the only way to go. All the hassle and frustration of lost bags and waiting at the baggage carousel are eliminated, not to mention the lugging around of heavy bags. Mind you, it's easier to do in a hot climate as you don't need as many clothes and who really cares if you wear the same T-shirt three times in one week? Less is more and strategic packing is the key.

Having said that, coming home will be a different story. I have bought 2 checked in bag allowances for the return trip, these days you pay for everything.  My main plan is to purchase lots of beautiful, locally made Batik. A Batik class has also been suggested so that is something to think about.

That is all for now and my next post will be from be from Ubud, Bali -the Isle of the Gods.


  1. Enjoy - I know you'll have a fabulous time !!

  2. Terima kasih - Bahasa Indonesian for thankyou.