Friday, October 26, 2012


For the last week I have been experimenting with cotton jersey fabric. It's been hit and miss.

Books, tutorials and Google  have all been helpful but I just hanen't been able to get it right. I don't own a balll point needle. Do you need one? Some say yes, some say no. What about the overlocker?? Again some say "the only way to go" others say "no."

The biggest hurdle for me was why is my fabric puckering? 

Wrong side against the grain

Right side against the grain


Eventually I had a light bulb moment when I realised that you have to sew WITH the GRAIN, rather than against it. Sounds stupid I know but do you know hard it is to find the grain in a knit fabric???.

The wrong side sewing with the grain
The right side sewing with the grain.

Anyway, by this stage I was very low on fabric but I had to make one skirt. In the end it all came together.

Overlocking works too but whilst it is much quicker than a straight stretch stitch I dislike the bulk that it adds to the seams.

Overall I am happy with the finished skirt. I love this fabric. I like the shape of the skirt and it is so comfortable and easy to wear, just like your favorite T-shirt. I admit though that this fabric is both a learning experience and a challenge.

Will I persevere to make fiends with this wonderful fibre, make another skirt and so much more?



  1. You are inspiring, Kate, tackling tricky fabrics and sharing the journey with us. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for commenting Candy. This is tricky fabric but I love it, I'd appreciate any tips you have.

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  4. Nice work - which pattern did you use? And did the fold over elastic work ok?

  5. It's not an Alabama pattern it's from Improv Sewing. Super, super easy. The fold over elastic was easy too. Thanks for the comment.