Saturday, May 5, 2012

Handmade May 2012

Resin rings n bangles made by me. The perfect handmade accessory with my corporate wardrobe. Repeats allowed.

I have worn one item "handmade by me" for the past 5 days. So far so good.

Right now Sth East Qld, weather wise,  is the most glorious place in the world to live. Cool mornings, but not too cold to not get out of bed, mostly clear days of 25 plus degrees and cool, crisp nights.
Sew Serendipity "Emmaline"
Spotted top (New Look pattern) by the pool
Leftover bag

Yes,  just glorious but.... I HAVE  NOTHING TO WEAR and this sudden plunge into Autumn, unusally wet and cool, wasn't quite what I was expecting for May!

My handmade wardrobe doesn't do "transitional" very well. Basically I have summer or winter with only a few in-be-tweeners hanging in my closet.

It's all good though as part of my pledge for MMM '12 was to organize my wardrobe, acknowledge  and fill the holes.  The remaining 26 days are a great opportunity to be creative with my layering and to fill in the gaps. I definitely have my eye on Vogue pattern 8634 that's been made so beautifully  by Sharron (Made By Sharron Blog).

 Ha. ha lets hope the weather stays mild but surely I can grant myself some dispensation for climate cooling. 

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