Friday, May 18, 2012

Week Three Me Made May '12

This week it's been all about the bag, aprons and only a few repeats on work days.

I wasn't expecting this sudden plummet of the mercury for May and my MM wardrobe just doesn't cut it.
I admit it, my sewing skills don't yet stretch to a winter wardrobe.
I was born to live in the tropics, that is for sure! Light, flowing fabric, summer dresses and swishy skirts hold enormous appeal to me. I'm convinced the best way to indulge that feeling is to holiday in Bali, Darwin or Nth QLD for the entire winter season!
This week has been busy. I have been sewing cushions for a friend, trying to get stock together for my soon to be  market stall (ha, in winter what am I thinking?) and work and and general family life in the mix too.

Anyway my garden always provides some winter joy. The lavender is growing like mad, the Camellia's are just beautiful and the Bougainvillea is vibrant all year, summer, winter, flood or drought..

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