Sunday, April 8, 2012


EASTER, Easter, Easter. Our Easter break has been glorious. the south east Queensland weather divine and the chocolate abundant!

We started the Easter break with a Pot Luck neighborhood dinner. Residents of the street all converged at one house bringing a pot to share. It was great to catch up with the neighbors that we know, chat to the ones we usually just share a wave with and meet new ones.

Good Friday we did our regular "Hubert Good Friday" thing. We have done this for about t four years now. We drive to St Lucia and take a leisurely walk across the Schonnell bridge that spans the Brisbane river from St Lucia to Dutton Park. Late in the afternoon it's a lovely thing to do, then we do the "loaves and the fishes" thing with dinner from  Assault and Battery.

Yesterday we went up to Coolum Beach. We had lunch on the headland where it was pretty windy,  it calm down by the water. The water was unexpectedly warm though there were lots of rips about.
  My sewing has had a resurrection albeit with a win and a loss.  I have never sewn with Linen  before and I am now a convert. It's a lovely fabric that is easy to sew with and to wear it is divine. It would be a perfect choice for summer clothes and layering for the winter will work fine.Layering is what you need in our climate anyway.

The only drawback that I have with Linen is ironing it. I hate ironing and I am bad at it and as a consequence I don't do it. Linen however has to be ironed but doesn't stay ironed for very long. Oh well, I'll have to view to view it as "fashionably crushed."

This pattern came from a Japanese book called "Simple Modern Sewing."  The patterns need some minor tweaking size and fit wise but that's not hard when it's not a  fitted garment.

The loss came from the Colette "Clover" pants pattern that I attempted. Everyone knows pants are hard and fitted pants with a side zip are even harder.  The pattern got me in though and gave me false hope because it said "BEGINNER!" Ha, beginner with more experience than me that's for sure.

Oh they came together alright and the fit was OK, but how fitted do you go? The zip was the big problem and honestly it just all got too hard. The Colette pants have been relegated to the "one day" pile "one day"  when I feeling brave enough and patient enough to give them another go.


  1. Oh didn't that dress turn out well, I love it. And is that a matching hat I spy???

  2. Thanks, I am very happy with the dress. It's lovely to wear and I will make it again. Lucky I do have a co- ordintating hat!

  3. I hear you on the subject of ironing. Here is a post I did on life being to short to. Life is too short

  4. I agree Carole. Thanks for commenting.