Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Out of the Box

My beautiful, vibrant "look at me"me  orchids are flowering, the weather is cooler and Easter is just around the corner.

I finally have my Janome Over Locker out of the box. It sat in the box for 3 weeks and from what I have heard from other over locker owners,. that is not uncommon. I have read the instructions and watched the DVD twice but I am not looking forward to the rethreading of it.

Oh, I have used it and it's fabulous it gives that "finished" look which is what I want. Ha, ha, it will just like riding a bike or driving a manual car - when I have had the practice that is.

My sewing nook is nestled in the "front room" I have lots of natural light and a beautiful garden vista. I don't have much storage space and the cutting table and iron are in another room.  No matter, it all works and that means that my sewing machine and overlocker stay out and set up, if they get put away well who knows when they will see light of day next?

I have 10 days off work over Easter and sewing will a happening thing. I have a pile of "to do" but no fabric as yet.  I am off to see "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" movie with my friend Sharron tomorrow combined with a stop at The Fabric Shop in New Farm. It will be a fun and productive day.  


  1. Those orchids are so cheerily beautiful! But the overlocker looks daunting, I will watch and wait for your progress updates with interest.

  2. Ha, ha! So far overlocking is going well, it's the re threading that i am dreading even though it's colour coded! NO matter, I can always "Google" rethreading.
    Orchids are low maintenance when you have a wonderful husband who looks after them!