Monday, April 16, 2012

New Things

So exciting my Pinking Shears and Invisible Zip Foot arrived today. I sourced these from the always fabulous Sew Gorgeous. Check out the store on Sew Gorgeous' Face Book page.

Mind you I don't know how to use the new foot but that is a minor issue. I can do the invisible zip but the specific foot will make it sew much easier.

Yes I have recently purchased an overlocker so why the Pinking Shears? I will use the shears where I want to eliminate the bulk around a seam or in places that I won't overlock or zig zag, e.g the facing where it turns in on a neckline.

On the subject of my  overlocker I had huge sucess yesterday when I re threaded the "Lower Looper!"  I tried the easy way by knotting the next thread to follow on and feed itself through, but -of- course- it-broke. From there I had to read the manuel and with time and patience VOILA, back in business. Ha, ha the colour coding helped too.

This is a beautiful succulent from my garden. These gorgeous plants can be grown from a leaf, just stick a leaf in the ground and they keep growing and propegating without much care at all. They make me happy.

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