Wednesday, March 14, 2012

End of Summer

Summer is almost gone,  cooler mornings, evenings and glorious 30 deg days with low humidity.  Apart from the odd modification, the odd hem and a few repairs, there hasn't been much action on the sewing front. No reason just disorganized and "almost teenage children" to taxi around most weekends.
I think I will plan for  A Sewing Resurrection over the Easter break.

These gorgeous "Sexy Pink" Heliconias are from our garden. The weather is slightly cooler so a good time to plant some more veges.

The hens love their day release time and are happy roaming around the garden. We are getting 6 eggs most days. This is a big saving on my grocery bill as we used to buy 2 to 3 doz eggs each week.

I am on a frugal drive right now, cutting down on wasted expenditure though I must stress frugal without being :cheap 

I'll let you know how it goes....

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