Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Facing my fears - the Zip

ZIPS freak me out! I have made a lot of cushions over the past 12 months but I have never felt confident inserting the dreaded zip. I want my creations to look "finished" so I decided it's time to confront my fears.

SEW, to take the zip by the teeth as it were, I did a fabulous cushion class with Tammy at Piece Together in Wooloongabba, Brisbane.

This was a great class to do. Whilst I have made cushions before I hadn't put the zip across the back, I just put it in a side seam. Now I think the zip across the back is better. I picked up lots of tips and tricks and  as you can see in the photos I have been practicing at home with, dare I say it - minimal unpicking..

You can never have enough cushions!

Checkout this huge egg! We get 5 or 6 eggs per day usually the smaller size.
I'm sure Madonna laid this HUGE egg as she always does things in a big way. It had 2 yolks in it and if we had a Rooster it would be twins I am told. We have had several "double yolker"  eggs which you rarely see in commercial eggs anymore.


Found CoCo curled up in Liam's cupboard on a rainy day last week. I wish I could cat nap in a comfy, cozy spot whenever I felt like it. 

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