Monday, February 27, 2012

Chairs are done.

 After years of being used, abused and largely ignored the dining chairs have finally had their much needed makeover. All eight of them are positively glowing now that they are refreshed and look as good as new!

There was no stopping me once I got the hang of the staple gun. Bruce didn't last too long on the job though. I had to sack him from the "stapling" part as he went way to close to my fingers, too many  times! This was a an inexpensive thing to do and didn't take too long, so I might do it every year.

That's one stash of fabric down and two to go. 

Added here is a photo of number one son Jack, I couldn't resist as I have  new photo editing software and love this shot of Jack, aged 15,  in black and white.

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