Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can't beat a good spot..

Who doesn' t love a good spot? In my opinion you can beat a lot of things but you can't beat a ....good spot.

I love this pattern, (Simplicity 8965) and we have developed a no maintenance friendship - the ones I like best. The McCalls 2401 pattern that I have coveted for ages finally arrived at Spotlight. Once I had it in my hot little hand , it looked slightly more high maintenance than tried and tested Simplicity. Go with what you know I say! So I did and as always I love the result and I can't go past a black and white combo either

Ha, ha we all love Bruce's new Ute (well, new to us), especially Spike who gets to go for a drive. The ute is great to get dirt for the garden and to throw the bits n pieces in the back that we don't have room for in the family car. Taking the photos with the ute remind me of the Paul Kelly song "It's Only 40 Miles to Saturday Night."

The Gardenia is from our garden, they are one of my favorite flowers, both so delicate yet so hardy. We have hedges of Gardenias around our house so their intoxicating scent wafts gently through on the breeze. Aromatherapy heaven! So lucky that we are getting a second flowering this season, must be from all the rain. Flowers make me happy.

Just finished reading Sarah Allen Addison "The Peach Keeper". I like her as a writer. This was an easy to read story with a few quirky touches and a nice reminder of how important friendships are.

I'm not sure what is next on my sewing agenda, so I'm just going to keep an open mind and see what inspiration comes along.


  1. Love the spots - is 8965 a vintage pattern as I am googling it and getting no hits on dresses just skirts and tops?

    1. Thanks. I have looked for the pattern as well but I don't it's made anymore so I guess it is Vintage!