Monday, February 20, 2012

Long Hot Summer

It seems my "Summer of Sew Content" is morphing into a "Long Hot Summer". The combination of a depleted stash and a shortage of precious sewing time does not a happy sewer make!

Having said that I have had the brown fabric for a while and intend to recover my "In desperate need of a makeover" dining room chairs.

 In a bid to feed my fabric obsession I popped into "Patches"  yesterday and bought the other pieces of fabric on sale!  That takes care of the "stash" now I need to make some sew time.

A dress form the green and pink and maybe a full skirt from the purple, white and green fun fabric.

I have made myself a nice Sewing Ritual:
  • I dress in something that I have made
  • I wear the hat featured in this Blog
  • I burn lavender oil 
  • Drink endless cups of peppermint tea
  • Listen to v loud music, (Nick Cave is a fave)
Once I had the scene set yesterday I had a lovely day making a tote bag for my wonderful friend Kathy in Sydney.  Though I have to say it was a bit warm here in Brisbane yesterday so it was a bit of a sweat shop set up for awhile. No matter I had a  lovely day happily, sweatily sewing away! Photo to come.

High on my list of things that make me happy are Spider Lily flowers. So delicate but still strong and hardy. No scent though which is unfortuneate.

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