Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making friends

I thought Emaline (Boutique Chic pattern 104 Emaline Skirt) looked interesting from the moment I saw her  and I wanted to be friends with Emaline.

We got off to a rocky start. It's true, you have to "make friends" and it takes a bit of patience.

I confess, it was all my fault. I thought Emaline would be low maintenance and easy going but I didn't read the construction instructions through properly and made a real mess of our first meeting.

That put me off Emaline for awhile but on a friends advice I re read the instructions, and adjusted the pattern to fit. I then recycled some fabric so it was a cost effective experiment and...Sucess!

Now that we have a history Emaline and I are firm friends.

When I saw this Alexander Henry "Matisse" fabric I loved it and I knew it was a perfect match for Emaline. In retrospect though I wish I had of bought more as it would look fabulous in a dress.

Now my "Summer of Sewing is coming to an end. Summer certainly isn't over but I'm back at work, kids are back at school, routine rules and time constraints apply. Also if I am honest I really don't need any more clothes... well maybe a few tops hmmm....


  1. Love the ... Wellies!!! Skirts pretty good too ....

  2. Ha, ha compulsory in this weather. I wade fearlessly through boggy grass to tend to the hens. I change the skirt though.