Saturday, May 11, 2013

Be Happy in the Moment

I haven't posted for ages, no excuse except my poor time management.

Over the past weeks I have done a little sewing, started an online course, had some Etsy sales, and done a little more sewing. With one thing and another the days have rolled into weeks, rolled into months and here we are in May.

 I have been harvesting and drying my lavender and making these lovely muslin bags for my Etsy store.

The happiness Project  in book form is next to my bed waiting to be read.

On my long walk with my dog this morning I was thinking what  makes me happy? Of course my family and friends make me happy but what things that cost nothing and are around us all the time make be happy, things we probably take for granted.

Well my list goes something like this;

                                FAT RAIN  DROPS

Each time I post I am going to include something that makes me happy, makes me smile and brings me joy. I think it's important to grab onto these happy moments and keep them with us. Oh and I'll let you know how The Happiness Project Goes.
ELVIS always makes me smile.
Wooloongabba Brisbane

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  1. Hi Kate,
    I look forward to hearing about the happiness project - I recently did the happiness at home project and really enjoyed being part of it :)