Thursday, August 2, 2012


It's the 8th month of 2012 already, where has the year gone?  Where is the summer, is my biggest question right now.

I am well and truly over the cold months. This is sunny QLD and whilst the days are sunny and glorious the nights are bloody freezing,  Adding to my winter discomfort is that my house, like most QLD houses, is built for the summer.
Anyway to keep myself busy and the blood circulating in my icy fingers I have been knitting my square for "Save the Children."

I followed the instructions and cast on 44 stitches. I dropped a few on the way but seemed to pick up some as well as I now have more than 44 stitches. Hmmmm....???? I am almost ready to cast off and begin my next square. I might even try a knit one purl one next time.

Knitting has been happening by night and by day I have made a muslin of Collette's Peony dress pattern. 

The instructions are great, easy to follow but fitting was a little tricky. According to the pattern the bodice should be a size 8 but I went with a size 10. i think it is a better fit but the neckline might still need a bit of tweaking.

Size 12 is perfect for the waist and hips. This time around I opted for sleeveless. I will make it again, maybe with the sleeves next time.


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    1. Thankyou, Ha, ha if only my waist was that small.Thanks for commenting.