Wednesday, August 15, 2012


For the last week and more I have spent far too long on my computer sourcing airfares and accommodation.

Anyway I've had success, we are off to Bali, for a week in November. It will be the second last week of the school year . The boys won't miss too much being away for a week at that time.  We save about $2000 going in the low season.

Next on the agenda is renewing our passports, oh the paperwork.... I have heard the passport place is very pedantic about crossing the t's and dotting the right i's so I will have to get my husband to do that task I think.

Next on my list after that is sewing my summer/holiday wardrobe.  I have been practicing with this Butterick 5415 pattern.

It's an easy dress to make, the neckline and  facing were simple to do.  I did have to recut and modify a bit though.  Pattern sizes are so misleading, according to the pattern I really needed a size 16. Size 16 pattern wasn't available so I decided to go with a 14 and hope for the best but it wasn't the best it was  too big.
I re-cut the bodice and waist  to a 12 merging into the 14 around and hips. It's a better fit.

Being lazy I wanted to bypass a zip so I just sewed up the back seam. That works. I put darts in the back as it was a bit baggy through that area and that worked too. The pattern has 3/4 sleeves but I thought it would be too much in this fabric.

I'm pretty happy with this as a pull-on summer dress, I will make this again. Plus it's perfect for Bali and I will definitely take my Alabama Chanin cotton/jersey poncho for those cooler tropical evenings.

!4 weeks and I am counting.......


  1. Jolly nice - looks just perfect for tropical climes.

  2. Oh thank you so much! Thanks for commenting.