Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 2012

This week has been a funny week. 

Liam (#2 son) has been sick and I am still shaking off the remnants of the flu. So I have been resting a lot.

My "Born to Knit" kit arrived today.  I am so excited to contribute to this charity
At $9.95 inc postage the kit is a bargain. Ordering it online has saved me a long trip to Spotlight where I would have spent more than $9.95 simply because I can't help myself.
The only drawback is - ha, ha I can't knit! Once upon a time, long ago I could knit... a bit.
 I could cast on, knit one and purl one but I can't cast off.   Instructions are enclosed so I will give it a go and /or call on my knitter friends to help me get started.

                                                   Once all the washing is done, I will get onto it.

                                            I LOVE this picture, it's my new mantra.

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