Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bloomers, boxers and buildings.

Whilst I have been busy making bloomers and boxer shorts Bruce and the boys have been building a chicken coop.
Liz converted a shed on her farm to a self contained Villa dubbed "The West Wing" so we are calling the hens accommodation "The Chicken Wing".
Bruce made this addition to our urban farm from mostly recycled materials. We already had the chicken wire, corrugated iron, tarps, tent pegs and coffee bags. the reo struts came from a neighbour and the gate and nest boxes from Aunty Marie's. The only materials Bruce bought were the conduit and some star pickets.
There is definitely something to be said for hanging on to things. Myself, I am a thrower outer-er. Bruce keeps everything and usually finds a purpose for it.
So now we have six red hens making The Chicken Wing their home. The girls seem settled and happy and today we had our much anticipated first egg. Whilst this egg isn't big enough to boil, bigger and better are to come. Laying eggs is like childbirth I suppose, once you get the first one out, it's much easier after that!


  1. But where are "the girls" and what names have you given them .

    1. I am waiting for a sunny day to photograph "the girls" in the best light. So far we have a Lady Ga Ga and a Madonna. Just waiting for their personalities to emerge before we name the rest.