Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Wednesday the 3rd September wasn't the best day and it went something like this.

  • Stuck in traffic at a crawl for no good reason
  • On my way for  a swim and the rain set in, I made the decision to abandon swim
  • Went to a different supermarket, bought perishables but they didn't have everything I wanted
  • Sun came out, perishables in the car, swim definitely abandoned
  • Went to second supermarket, left shopping behind
  • Made coin purse, approx. 10cm x10cm  and had to unpick 
  • Assembled purse and got glue everywhere

The coin purse wasn't hard to make and it's a great use of leftover pieces of fabric and the lining can be anything. I will make more as they will make great gifts.

 Ha, ha the only thing left to do is work out how to remove the glue from the frame?

My favourite kind of day: A rainy day, when I cuddle up with my mom, and a pot of tea, and watch BBC period films. Nothing is better!
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Things only got better when I had a cup of tea and chocolate.....


....Where there's tea and chocolate, there's hope.

baci chocolates
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