Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Ides of March

March has not been the best of months.

It started out with promise but has gone downhill pretty quickly. I started on what I thought would be a simple sewing project, no zips or darts and it went from bad to worse.

Responsibility, lies with me, I admit it. Whilst I couldn't find any reviews of Kwik Sew . K3928 I thought it looked so easy I would charge ahead regardless. I didn't make a muslin and sin of sins I cut the pattern, I didn't trace it and as a result the garment I ended up with is 2 sizes too big!  

There is no going back once the pattern has been cut. I made it in chocolate brown linen and I look like a Franciscan monk in robes that are  too big! Aaagghhh!  I am definitely NOT posting a photo of that disaster!

The positive, apart from the lesson learnt, is that I bought both the pattern and linen on sale. I have a meter of linen left and hopefully I can salvage the fabric from the dress  and make something else.

 Q  Seriously, how can you stuff up a pattern this easy?

                  A Overconfident and lazy  - that's how.                                        

Along with that in the  month of March we have a leaking toilet, there is a leak in the pool (yet to be found) and the motor for the garage door blew up. 

 I did salvage this beautiful piece of voile I bought at The Fabric Store

Free forming this, it came together. Squares really, square for the front , square for the back and squares for the sleeves. No darts, no zips, no facings I used bias binding. it's far from perfect but I like it. 
BTW check out Sew Gorgeous' Blog
It is very inspiring and ....roll on April.

This term Kenmore State High School's year 11 drama is producing Animal Farm. They have worked hard and we will see it on Wed night, more reports later but here is Jack in costume, Jack plays Karl Marx.

The positives of March:  a bit more sun and some cooler weather combined with all the rain has given me beautiful orchids. Flowering later than usual they are still spectacular.

Magnolias most magnificent

We have had a lot of rain here in sunny QLD this summer. last weekend we went Sth, over the border, to Fingal Head, our favourite beach, Whilst still beautiful the ravages of the weather were evident.

Driftwood on Fingal

Looking stormy


  1. Oh Kate - I can't tell you how many sewing stories I have like this one. Fingal looks beautiful- I've never been there. Have a great Easter. Lynda

    1. Thanks Lynda, it's sort of good to know that I am not alone. I keep going back for more though.
      Fingal Head is a lovely beach.
      Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the break. x

  2. Hi kate! cut the pattern? shock horror!!! Didn't take your time? the shame!!! Don't worry - You're definitely NOT alone. We've all been known to take ahem... "shortcuts".
    The definition of craziness is doing the same thing, over and over, but expecting a different result. You've learnt your lesson now, and the next project you undertake you'll do it perfectly!! Can't wait to see an update :)

  3. LOL, this setback hasn't put me off. My next project is a little more complex. it looks simple but the pattern says "Intermediate sewers." (?) I think I have to do a "Sew Your Own" Friday visit to Sew Gorgeous.
    See you soon.