Saturday, September 29, 2012


My  amazingly talented son Jack (15) submitted a play into QLD Theatre Company's Young  Playwrights Program. and was the finalist in his category. 


As part of his prize he had the choice of tickets to David Williamson's "Managing Carmen" production or Matthew Ryan's "Kelly". Personally I would have chosen the big budget, slick production of "Managing Carmen"over the low budget, young director and  young writer's "Kelly". 
Jack chose "Kelly" and it was his prize so I had to go with the flow.
We went to the matinee and I was pleasnantly surprised. "Kelly" was great! I love plays with few props and with only 3 actors it was a powerful 90 minutes of entertainment.  Lots of coarse language and some sexual themes but they enhanced the show rather than detracted from it. I reccomend "Kelly" to everyone. Cowards, murderers or heros? I'm not sure how I feel aboiut the kelly gang but definately bravo the actors, director and bravo Matthew Ryan.

Meanwhile...back in the burbs, we have  all been enjoying the school holidays and it's almost been warm  enough for me to consider a dip in the pool.


Luke and Liam have both been making delicious cakes and desserts, all chocolate based, so a few laps of the pool will be required to manage my waistline!

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