Thursday, December 29, 2011

Return to Sewing

Way back in the 80s I made a lot of clothes, jewellery etc. There were no rules in the 80s, lots of glam and the more mismatched the better.

Who needed to fit a zip? Rips and slashes ruled and a pin or two was used to secure everything! So I never really needed to learn how to follow a pattern or put in a zip.

At the begining of 2011 I decided I want to learn to sew and this dress is where it all began. it was a good place to start as there is no zip, no real structure but I did have to fit the sleeves.
I learnt lots of tips n tricks making this dress and I discovered that YES I can still use a sewing machine, albeit a retro one!

The real turning point came when I did a SEW GORGEOUS class with Jaye. At this class we
made a vintage inspired dress(top photo). I learnt to size the pattern to fit, insert princess seams, facings and a big zip. I also I acquired lots of tips and tricks.

This for me was the BIG move away from "close enough is good enough" to "how do you want your garment to look?" Ha, ha sometimes I think "finished, just finished!" but really I want it be finished properly.

Along with a renewed passion for sewing has come a love for beautiful fabric. I am obsessed with adding to my stash for future ventures and really it's the fabric that makes it.

There are lots of small and simple things in life that make me feel joyous and happy. Sewing is one of them.