Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Wednesday the 3rd September wasn't the best day and it went something like this.

  • Stuck in traffic at a crawl for no good reason
  • On my way for  a swim and the rain set in, I made the decision to abandon swim
  • Went to a different supermarket, bought perishables but they didn't have everything I wanted
  • Sun came out, perishables in the car, swim definitely abandoned
  • Went to second supermarket, left shopping behind
  • Made coin purse, approx. 10cm x10cm  and had to unpick 
  • Assembled purse and got glue everywhere

The coin purse wasn't hard to make and it's a great use of leftover pieces of fabric and the lining can be anything. I will make more as they will make great gifts.

 Ha, ha the only thing left to do is work out how to remove the glue from the frame?

My favourite kind of day: A rainy day, when I cuddle up with my mom, and a pot of tea, and watch BBC period films. Nothing is better!
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Things only got better when I had a cup of tea and chocolate.....


....Where there's tea and chocolate, there's hope.

baci chocolates
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Saturday, August 31, 2013


I was inspired by a combo of Sew Gorgeous' New Look 6909 dress http://sewgorgeousblog.blogspot.com.au/ and this Amy Butler fabric.
New Look  6145 looked like a good option. A -line I can make and love to wear. I liked the fitted look of the princess seams but the A-line seemed like an easier choice, as I have never done a collar before this one looked easier .

This was a very easy dress to make and the pattern was easy to follow. I made a size 10 with only  a few minor adjustments through the hips. Really I could bypass the zip as with the Colette Laurel and if I can, I might as well. The collar was easy to fit and I managed to get it even first time! However there is a lot of bulk under the collar. Two layers from the collar itself,  one layer which is the dress and one more from the facing. Whilst these layers need to be layered to reduce the thickness I think it is still bulky. I am wondering if bias binding would work in place of the facing? I might try bias next time as I will definitely make this dress again. 
Please follow this link and vote for Colette Patterns. Colette Patterns are a great product, if you haven't used one, then try one, you will be surprised.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I have been sewing, I just haven't posted for a while. I was inspired by the Colette Laurel competition and all the images on Flckr  http://www.flickr.com/photos/94393713@N08/8626672018/

Colette pattern

I bought the laurel pattern online and downloaded it. I quite like getting this way, it's pretty much instant and it's like putting a jig saw puzzle together, just easier as the pages are numbered. Once together I resisted cutting it and traced the pattern. That's a good thing too as I still have a hard copy to retrace and tweak as many times as I want.


Having never been a fan of the colour orange I was surprised when I fell in love with this Amy Butler fabric.

Laurel was a very easy pattern, I know it's like all my other A-line dress patterns just with sleeves. The Collette pattern was lovely to use, the instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Colette has a tutorial for just about everything if you need to clarify something. Whilst I have done it several times, sometimes I just can't visualize "under stitching." I use Colette's tutorial to refresh my memory.

I made the size 10 and had to take it in significantly and will try a muslin for the size 8 though that sounds to small. I had trouble with the invisible zip, even using a zipper foot. With this style of dress I can just slip it over my head so  am better off not even bothering with a zip.

My second version is in a grey linen. a friend suggested the contrasting cuffs and I am so glad I took that advice.

Do I recommend this pattern? Yes, definitely.
Would I make it again?  Yes, yes. yes. Sleeveless for summer and maybe in a light wool for winter.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

IN THE MIDDLE and a little more....

"In the middle, in the middle, in the middle of a dream" -  Paul Kelly \ 


Well I am not in the middle of a dream but a little past the middle of the year. 
I have been AWOL from my Blog for awhile, same excuse as always, the day, weeks, months are just rolling past and that brings us past the start of a new month. AUGUST!

I thought it timely to revisit my new years to do list and to see what has come to fruition, what has, what  hasn't and what's in progress.

Learn Spanish, - No sucede,  -  (not happening)

Spend less and live simply-  YES whenever possible 

Be happy and have fun - YES, yes, yes doing it!
Less wine, sugar and wheat-  more Bollinger - NO not happening
Attend a fortnightly Yoga class-   NO not happening
Cook something new every 2 weeks  - YES mostly
Sew more - YES whenever I can
Garden more - YEs doing it.

Market more - NO not happening 
See a film monthly - NO, where are my months going?
Have a murder -NO, still planning
Learn to Astral travel - for virtual holidays.- NO haven't left the country ...yet.
Hmm, 5/12. less than half but not bad, time for chocolate. 
Please leave a comment about your 2013 goals.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My biggest lament in life right now is that not enough people smile, laugh or hug (and I can't find quality striped cotton/jersey, but that's another post).

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Recently I saw the World press photos on display at the powerhouse Brisbane. What can I say, they were award winning news photos, graphic and confronting. Not one photo was celebratory or happy. Joy and happiness don't win awards.

The sport photos didn't show triumph, it was sumo wrestlers grimacing and the gymnasts didn't look comfortable or happy in the positions that they were in.
Yes, there is a lot of tragedy and heartache in our lives and in the world but to share a smile and a laugh is good for the soul.
image from sohomode.co
 In the Adelaide Hills region the common form of greeting is a hug.
Image from scaredtoast.com
There is an art to the "Hills Hug" and just to make sure I perfect it, I better visit again...soon.
The two mantras of my daily life are:
"Smile  more, laugh more, hug more." and ....
"Life's short, buy the shoes."

P.S Don't stop here, keep scrolling down

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013



Finally I have successfully made something using cotton jersey! Now I am really happy!

I downloaded Tessuti's     www.tessuti.com.au "Fave Top" pattern and voila.

I used a new ballpoint needle and made sure that I cut the fabric with the grain. I can see why
Tessuti call it their "Fave Top" as it is so comfortable to wear as only cotton jersey can be.

The pattern was super easy and it was free. I will be making more of these tops. The only problem I am having is finding quality striped cotton jersey?
Thanks to my good friend Sharron for being my photographer. These photos were taken at New Farm Park on a glorious Brisbane winter day. As you can see I was rugged up in jeans and a T-shirt!