Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's raining,  it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

It's pouring rain here in sunny Queensland. the washing won't won't dry, the pool is going to overflow and there is flooding around the area.  

None of the above really matters to us, we are dry,safe, have power , food and each other. So what to do when housebound?

Sew of course.

Following Colette's advice I am cuting out one day and sewing the next , so on this rainy Sunday I have cut out 2 cushions and a wrap dress. To be sewn tomorrow...

Back when the days and nights were dry I made this Vogue 8379. 

Out of 10 I would rate it 8. The instructions were good, it is as it says "easy" though there seems to be a lot of sewing involved. 

I consulted Pattern Review before I started. The majority of advice said "easy/ good" but advised to lengthen the waist by an inch or so. On that advice I made a muslin and deemed it good to go as it was. 

Whilst it is fine, I think an extra inch to the waist might add to the comfort of the dress. Overall I am happy with the resut, ha, ha. give or take an inch.

Voile is lovely to work with and perfect for the hot Aussie summer., I had an extra win with this dress as I used a ball point needle and sewed the voile successfully

Voile is a beautiful fine, feminine fabric that I am keen to work with again.

Number 2 son has been playing around with a camera and candles and I have been playing around with the image on Pic Monkey.


  1. Hey! Love the blog, I was wondering if you would mine checking out mine? It's only new but I love sewing as well and I plan on uploading my first sewing post tomorrow. Thankyou! x

  2. Thanks Erin! Your Blog is great, I am "Following" and looking forward to your sewing post. I hope you are safe and dry in this crazy weather.- Kate